The Jamisons, Cheryl and Bill, authors of over a dozen cookbooks, are alarmed by an epidemic of entertaining anxiety. To alleviate the symptoms, which include fretting about the setting and agonizing over the menu, they suggest a little spontaneous combustion for casual, lively grill gatherings and they supply the easy, fail-proof recipes to make it all happen in their latest, Good Times, Good Grilling: Surefire Recipes for Great Grill Parties. Hot nibbles from the grill, like Zesty Portobello Wedges, get things going, then it's on to Serious Steaks, a bevy of burgers, lean pork tenderloins that have been rubbed, marinated or sauced, succulent salmon, party-perfect Paella and more. The Jamisons are attentive to the differences in grills and grillers and offer the necessary aid and advice to make your fired-up fiesta a roaring, but relaxed, success.

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