As long as you have a plan, you can keep going against great obstacles, or so believes Concordia Glade. She devises just such a plan to lead her students from Aldwick Castle. To the four young women, she is teacher, surrogate mother and their only hope for escape from the sinister scheme of Alexander Larkin. But Concordia's plan didn't account for a mysterious rescuer who poses dangers of his own in Amanda Quick's spunky, suspenseful Victorian romance, Lie by Moonlight. Amid the fiery confusion of their escape, Concordia and her young charges meet Ambrose Wells, who hides them in a London townhouse. The four girls become chaperones for the soon-to-be couple, and they are as charming a quartet of enthusiastic young yentas as any teacher could hope for. Quick delivers a sparkling lesson on knowing when it's time to toss the plans aside and go for the promise of love and adventure.

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