Elvis Cole, the Hawaiian-shirt wearing, yellow-Corvette driving L.A. private investigator whose stone-faced best buddy, Pike, is just as tough as Hawk, makes a comeback in The Forgotten Man, vintage Crais narrated by James Daniels. Cole is still getting over the lingering ramifications of his last big case (check out The Last Detective) when he gets a call from the LAPD claiming his long-lost father has just been murdered. This is weird; Cole has never known who his father was, and this nameless victim, covered with religious tattoos, seems an unlikely candidate for the man he's been yearning to find. It gets a lot weirder as Cole, with a little help from Pike and ex-bomb squad detective Carol Starkey, digs into the case and begins to turn up a very disturbing picture of the dead man and what he may have been hiding. Noirish as always, with flashbacks that expose a side of the now-cool Cole he usually keeps under wraps.


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