Drama City is not part of Pelecanos' Derek Strange or Nick Stefanos series, but we're still on the mean streets of D.C., where crime, drugs and thugs are the norm and hope is hard to find. But two people, one a parolee, the other a parole officer, are trying desperately to keep it together and somehow beat the street. Lorenzo Brown did his time, eight impossibly long years, and now works hard saving mistreated dogs for the Humane Society and just as hard at not going to back to the life. Rachel Lopez, his dedicated parole officer, loves what she does, but can't quite overcome the demons that drive her to bars, booze and anonymous sex almost every night. As a ghetto turf war builds, their intertwined fates hang in the balance, teetering on disaster. Redemption is not a common Pelecanos platitude, but you'll be pulling for both of them to find it. Affecting and effectively read by Chad Coleman.


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