Catherine Coulter deftly orchestrates her fast-paced, intricate story threads and the disparate cases challenging her agents with a concertmaster's touch in her latest FBI novel, Point Blank. Treasure hunting takes a decidedly deadly turn for FBI agent Ruth Warniecki, who uses vacation time to explore the dark mysteries of Winkel's Cave. There, her hunt for Civil War gold leads to the body of music student Erin Bushnell. Virginia sheriff Dixon Noble and his two sons rescue Ruth from snowy death and loss of memory. Finding the murdered Erin adds to the puzzle. The music student had no known enemies. As Ruth begins to recall the pieces of her life, her FBI colleagues Dillon Savich and his wife Sherlock arrive to aid her investigations. They face their own puzzle as they juggle helping Ruth with trying to capture Dillon's personal tormenters, Moses Grace and Claudia, whose terrorist assaults may threaten national security. Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in Minnesota.

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