Kat Adair's impetuous plunge into murky, turbulent waters to rescue David Turnberry launches an escapade that stretches from Victorian England to the pyramids of Egypt. Talented daughter of a nearly starving artist, the plucky young woman dives into every new challenge facing her, from riding sidesaddle on horseback for the first time to standing up to Lady Daws, the woman who sells the paintings by Kat's beloved Papa and insinuates herself into the lives of Kat and her sister, Eliza. But no other challenge measures up to Hunter MacDonald, the man whose spirit matches her own in Shannon Drake's aptly titled Reckless. When Hunter proposes on impulse that Kat accompany his group to Egypt in search of antiquities, she welcomes the chance to join the aristocratic band of explorers. In the unfamiliar milieu, however, danger stalks with an immediacy that belies the sleeping secrets of the ancient realm, and Kat discovers that the depths within Hunter far outshine callow David. Drake, the pseudonym of contemporary romance author Heather Graham, delivers ardor, antiquities and adventure as enticing as the treasures of Tut in this captivating tale.

Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in Minnesota.

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