<b>Huffin' and puffin</b> Prepare to be charmed by Norma Lynn Dale as she emerges from her emotional lockbox and takes on the promise of her inheritance. A woman named Jewel wouldn't settle for just anyone, or just any life, and when Norma Lynn learns that's been her father's secret name for her all these years, she takes the key he gives her on his deathbed and unlocks a whole new world. Abandoning small-town American boredom, she packs the stuffed puffin of her childhood and leaves the rest behind. She heads to London, then the Orkneys to set the stuffed toy, Tammie Nories, free. In the process, Norma Lynn may be winging it as much as the Tammie Nories, as she learns all the puffins are called, but a certain local male, Brian Burroughs, with an understanding for gestures, captivates her as he places the toy on the seaside cliff-face. Like real wandering puffins, Norma Lynn struggles to find her true place amid fanciful adventuring. Nancy Baxter's debut chick lit fairytale, <b>Norma Ever After</b> is sheer joyous entertainment, every page a guilty pleasure.

<i>Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in Minnesota.</i>

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