Magic takes another form in MaryJanice Davidson's cheerily eerie vamp lit, Undead and Unreturnable. Vampire Betsy Taylor's unlife should be splendid. The vampire queen is engaged to the darkly handsome Eric Sinclair. Her family understands her current situation, she lives in a dandy old St. Paul, Minnesota, mansion even Jon Delk, the ex-vampire hunter, has an adolescent crush on her. But Eric is dragging his feet about planning their big wedding, and on top of that, Betsy is drawn into the hunt for a serial killer stalking tall blondes in the Twin Cities. Oh, did I mention Betsy fits that profile? When the vampires and fiends are stirred up by an even nastier bad guy, it'll take the unique attributes of Betsy and her gal pals to stop him so Betsy can get back to some serious Christmas shopping and convince Eric of the perks of couple-dom. A bawdy, laugh-out-loud treat!

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