According to foodie insiders, Spain is hot and set to overtake France in this year's culinary sweepstakes. Whether it happens or not (and how are we mere mortals to know?), there are sensational Spanish cookbooks on the scene to excite your interest and exhilarate your palate. The New Spanish Table is Anya von Bremzen's exuberant homage to the fusion of tradition and innovation that makes eating in Spain so thrilling. Anya loves Spanish style and simplicity: she knows the people, the place and the great chefs. That love and knowledge informs every one of these 275 fabulous recipes, illustrated with color photos throughout. They come from every corner of the country with regional riffs on Paella, Cocido and Gazpacho and, without losing authenticity or zing, she's made each dish doable for American home cooks. Almost better than being there!

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