If the tempting tiny bites of Spain turn you on, then Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America by JosŽ AndrŽs, renowned chef and restaurateur, is your ticket. Tapas are something to share and mix, says JosŽ, who adds that there are no fixed rules, no appetizers, no entrŽes. He encourages you to build a whole meal of these small plates or to find a favorite, double or triple the quantities and stick with it as a main event. Organized by ingredients, each of the 16 chapters focuses on the luscious little servings you can construct from olives, mushrooms, peppers, pork, oranges, chicken, cheese and more. Whether these petite portions are delicate or hearty, elegant or superbly spare, traditional or trendy, they offer a spectacular and innovative way to entertain as you sample Spain a veritable tapas-try of tastes.

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