Expanding his range, Michael Connelly has entered the legal thriller-diller arena with a winner. The Lincoln Lawyer, effectively read here by Adam Grupper, introduces listeners to Mickey Haller, an appealingly flawed, super-cynical lawyer to the lowlifes. He operates out of the backseat of his Lincoln Town Car, taking on anyone who has the bucks to pay. Mickey's not concerned with innocence or guilt for him, it's a business and a mind game. So, when a wealthy Beverly Hills playboy accused of brutally attacking a woman asks Mickey to defend him, all our crafty counselor sees is a franchise, a client who wants to go to trial and will pay the highest rates to do it. What Mickey will regret is what he didn't see: deceit, manipulation that rivals his own and a face-to-face encounter with evil. As Mickey wheels and deals, we get the equivalent of Defense Law 101, an eye-opening look at how the criminal justice system really works.

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