Swashbuckling and brash as The Adventuress, the ship she commands, Istabelle O'Bannon sails the seas in pursuit of the pirates and brigands who steal from those who have least. Istabelle has had her own greatest treasure stolen by Horik, and she's determined to avenge that with the help of her cousin, Mangan, the heir to an earldom. But Mangan has his own plans which require remaining cloistered in a monastery, so he sends mercenary Ruark Haagen to help her in Sasha Lord's boil-the-waters historical, Beyond the Wild Wind. In the man's world of buccaneering and marauding adventure, Ruark doesn't know what to make of Istabelle's indomitable determination to fight against, then beside, him, but the womanly side of Istabelle's warrior spirit ensnares his restless nature and has him thinking of a future together. The age of pirates and the Robin Hood-esque swordplay and thievery sizzles in this steamy page-turner of passionate magic.


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