Joanna, wife of Chuza, chief steward to King Herod, learns that the heart grows powerful when it accepts the truth of what it seeks in L.

A. Times
reporter Mary Rourke's first novel, Two Women of Galilee. Told vividly and with deceptively simple language, the story opens the door to the Biblical world through the circumstances and choices Joanna faces. Tuberculocis drives Joanna to seek out her cousin, Mary, the mother of a mysterious healer gaining a great following throughout Nazareth. The act of healing opens Joanna's eyes and heart to a new faith, and forces her to decide where her loyalty lies: to her beloved husband, Chuza, and his obligations; her personal sense of honor; or her blossoming faith. Rourke explores these themes with the clarity of a reporter and the vision of a gifted storyteller.

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