Willie Nelson warbled about them, this reviewer has always held a soft spot for them, and now three authors combine to shout out the undying fascination with them in My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys. In Lorraine Heath's The Reluctant Hero, dime novelist Andrea Jackson needs new inspiration to overcome her writer's block. She sets her sights on Texas sheriff Matthew Knight, convinced his exploits will inspire her. But it'll take all her creative talents to overcome Sheriff Knight's resistance. In Georgina Gentry's free-spirited The Great Cowboy Race, the cowboys who sign up for the race from Chadron, Nebraska, to Chicago have a hefty prize in their sights, but Henrietta Jennings sees the contest as an opportunity to escape an unwanted fiancŽ. So Henrietta becomes Henry J. Smith and hooks up with Comanche Jones, making Jones wonder why he feels such a strange attraction to the little Yankee. In Teresa Bodwell's Moonlight Whispers, rancher Luke Warring comes to town looking for his ne'er-do-well brother Matt, and instead finds himself saddled with Isabelle Milton. She's stranded in Hell's Gate and the temptation of a real job on the ranch and a place to call home beckons like a little bit of heaven. This trio of tempestuous but true cowboys will enliven readers' fantasies.

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