Seasonal, local, artisanal that's the mantra of many of our most influential chefs and it's become a rallying cry for millions of Americans who want to get away from the large corporate system that puts standardized products on the shelves and in the fruit and vegetable bins of our supermarket chains. For those of us not blessed with the land or the time to garden, the best way to follow Mother Nature's rhythms is to seek out year-round farmer's markets growing in urban jungles, too; roadside stands; small farms where you pick your own; and good greengrocers. If you're drawn to organic and greenmarket goods, whether you're a veteran vegephile or new kid on the block, Jeff Cox's The Organic Cook's Bible is the authoritative, inspiring guide you need. Here, in alphabetical arrangement, is chapter and verse on the vegetables, fruits, grains, spices, seeds, nuts, herbs, meat, poultry and dairy offered in these alternative venues. Cox, a renowned expert on all things organic, takes you every step of the way, from explaining why organic to when to buy, what to look for, preparation, storage and how to maximize use. He also includes more than 250 recipes that showcase the splendor of the entries.

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