Superintendent Richard Jury of Scotland Yard had never been to The Old Wine Shades, a venerable London pub and the title of Martha Grimes' expertly crafted, 20th Richard Jury mystery, expertly narrated by John Lee. A wine-loving regular, the charming, elegant Harry Johnson sits down next to Jury and starts telling him a story, and an intriguing story it is. Nine months ago Harry's dear friend's wife went house hunting in Surrey, with their son and dog. The dog came back, but not the wife and son. They vanished no bodies, no ransom note, no nothing. Jury, absorbed by the tale, fascinated by Harry and his asides on quantum mechanics and superstring theory (listen up, you'll get smart), begins to check out the details. But he finds that nothing about the story or about Harry is as it seems, that reality here lies in murder, malice and madness.

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