California native Christie Ridgway's books are crammed with smart girls, manly men, great sex and fast, funny dialogue. Her latest novel, The Care and Feeding of Unmarried Men, is a delightful example, a romance as purely sparkling as California champagne. Palm Beach beauty and society columnist Eve Caruso is in hot water up to her perfect little ears when Nash Cargill, aka The Preacher, arrives in town. Blonde, sultry Eve is a Bratz Doll come to life, used to getting her own way with a single crook of an eyebrow, but Nash is a regular on the monster truck circuit someone like Eve will be no problem. Except of course, she has those pesky little mob connections, trouble with the securities commission and issues about her dead mobster dad. Pour yourself a big glass of Ridgway champagne and enjoy.

Barbara Samuel's Lady Luck's Map of Vegas was a 2006 RITA award finalist.

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