Finally, there is no one who understands what we long for in a man as well as Amanda Quick. In Second Sight, Victorian spinster and photographer Venetia Milton is delighted to accept a substantial commission to shoot the collection of an alchemist dead for 200 years and to avail herself of what is likely her last chance to seduce a man before she takes herself and her family to London to open a studio. Gabriel is happy to oblige, but their night of passion is interrupted by bandits, and Venetia is forced to flee. She's crushed when she learns that Gabriel was killed, but sees the benefit in establishing herself in London as his widow. When he reappears, very much alive, the pair who share a gift for second sight in addition to their lively attraction to each other must unite to find out who stole the alchemist's notebook, before dire consequences befall them all. Venetia is a smart, resourceful heroine with a witty tongue, and Gabriel is more than worthy of her.

Barbara Samuel's Lady Luck's Map of Vegas is a 2006 RITA award finalist.

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