The Two Minute Rule is a departure for Robert Crais, not part of his best-selling Elvis Cole detective series. Here, we get an odd couple tracking a devious, stop-at-nothing cop killer in a really riveting nail-biter. Max Holman, a career car thief, bank robber and all around reprobate, did an about-face during his 10 years in jail. Just released, he wants only to reconcile with his estranged son Ritchie, now an LAPD officer, and get on with his life. But Ritchie, along with three of his police buddies, has been shot. Max, alone, friendless, determined to avenge his son, turns to Katherine Pollard, the FBI agent who apprehended him. Odd choice, but Katherine, now a stay-at-home single mom, welcomes the chance to get back into the game, even if it means partnering with an ex-con, who might be conning her. Christopher Graybill's bravura narration will keep you totally absorbed.

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