The haunting Lisey's Story is King-craft at its best and this production with Mare Winningham is audio at its most affective. Autobiographical? King says no (see his interview in BookPage for details), then waffles, so you can decide for yourself. Whether it is or isn't, it's a powerful portrait of love and marriage, of a bond that transcends death and of the eerie world some writers inhabit. Lisey's husband, Scott, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author with a huge following, has been dead for two years, but he's the major presence in her life, his voice always close, demons still swirling. Now, caring for her catatonic older sister and stalked by a maniacal fan, Lisey's world is coming unglued to put it right, she must confront Scott's darkest specters through the twisted shafts of their combined memory.

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