Sukey's favorite There's a lot of navel contemplating in the first month of a new year and if aging (gracefully or otherwise) is part of your pondering, be sure to listen to Nora Ephron's latest, I Feel Bad About My Neck. Ephron is a successful screenwriter (When Harry Met Sally), novelist and a quintessentially smart, savvy New Yorker of a certain age, who can move from stinging self-surveillance to elegiac poignancy in a New York nanosecond. She not only feels bad about her neck, she feels bad about not finding the cabbage strudel of her dreams, spending hours maintaining her 60-plus facade, not being able to read without reading glasses which always do a disappearing act, and a long list of other all-too-valid complaints. She dispenses her wonderfully candid, wickedly witty worldly wisdom in snippets that serve as a staccato bio, including her many marriages and abiding love for her city. Ephron performs like a pro, making the whole package even more delicious but maybe not as delicious as the cabbage strudel.

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