I clearly remember the first book I read by the tender and thoughtful Jennifer Greene the now-classic Night of the Hunter, a romance that brilliantly showcased the author's myriad talents: her eye for detail, a deft touch with appealingly human, vulnerable heroines and sometimes stoic, always manly and touchingly yearning heroes. In Blame It on Cupid, Greene delivers the tale of Merry Olson, a footloose breeze of a woman who becomes the guardian of the daughter of a dead friend. Charlie and Merry do not seem a good fit at first 11-year-old Charlie is acting out her grief in heart-wrenching ways, and Merry comes off as a flibberti-gibbet. The next-door neighbor, Jack, a handsome and wary divorced dad, doesn't give the union much time to last. But that's before Merry captures him with her special brand of enchantment. Like a slice of pound cake, Blame It on Cupid is both sweet and dense, a sexy and thoughtful tale of the ways we manage loss. Barbara Samuel is the author of Lady Luck's Map of Vegas.

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