<B>Sinful devil's food</B> If a man could be a food, the hero of Selena Montgomery's <B>Secrets and Lies</B> would be Devil's Food. Sebastian Caine is a thief, or recovery specialist as he likes to call himself, with an appreciation for life and art. Commissioned to steal an Incan manuscript called Cinchona, Sebastian finds it has already been spirited away by Katelyn Lyda, a naturalist and botanist with an agenda of her own. Forced into an uneasy and fiery alliance, Kat and Sebastian find themselves drawn nto power plays neither fully understands, and into a relationship that could destroy them both. Can Kat ever trust a thief? Can Sebastian let down his guard enough to let someone in? And will they even live through this adventure? This is a genuinely fresh and fast novel, laced with a colorful and intriguing background of history, plant culture and the high-stakes world of pharmacological study which sounds geeky, but trust me, it's not. Hot and smart. <I>Barbara Samuel is the author of</I> Lady Luck's Map of Vegas.

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