A subset of romance has taken a strong turn toward the paranormal, creating a genre that goes far beyond romantic suspense to what I'd call romantic horror. Surviving Demon Island by Jaci Burton is a rip-roaring action novel that also falls hard on the horror side of the line. The highly romantic tale of Gina Bliss, an action-adventure movie star who does all her own stunts, and real-life action hero Derek Marks, starts out like a nice, juicy novel about a reality show, but hints of things to come emerge all too soon when the pretend demons they're on the island to fight turn out to be the real thing. Surviving Demon Island is a blood-rare steak, lusty and delicious and not for the squeamish. A very sexy, very romantic novel that will also scare you to pieces, trust me.

Barbara Samuel is the author of Lady Luck's Map of Vegas.


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