Regime change? S’! Cuisine change? No! Many people yearn for a post-Castro Cuba, but no one wants the island's unique food tampered with. Eating Cuban: 120 Recipes from the Streets of Havana to American Shores by Beverly Cox and Martin Jacobs, who took the fabulous photos in this sumptuous book, is a great introduction to the tastes and temperament of Cuban cooking. Cuban creole is a marvelous mŽlange of traditional Spanish cooking influenced by indigenous Native Americans, African slaves brought to work the plantations, the Chinese indentured servants who followed them, and French planters who moved to Cuba from Haiti. Once a vacation mecca for Americans, it's been difficult to visit the island for some time, but the authors did it in-depth and the result is eye-opening and palate-pleasing. As Ana MenŽndez, a fine Cuban-American novelist, puts it in her charming introduction: The book you're holding in your hands is a sweet and honest love letter to Cuban food. For those coming to the Cuban table for the first time, the recipes offer a straight and simple roadmap to the cuisine. For those who grew up with picadillo and arroz con pollo, the recipes will send you tumbling back to recollection. Look, cook, enjoy &andiexcl;buen provecho!

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