Though The Devil's Feather, excellently read here by Josephine Bailey, is Minette Walters' 11th suspense novel, I'd never read or listened to her before. That was a big mistake: Walters is too good to miss if you like a well-written, well-crafted psychologically complex thriller with characters and situations that stay with you long after the last CD stops spinning. When Reuters war correspondent Connie Burns was in Sierra Leone, she picked up on a story about a serial killer who had brutally butchered five women. In Baghdad, she crosses the path of the British mercenary she suspected and begins digging into the story again. Then Connie becomes his victim, abducted, tortured, raped and so traumatized that she cuts herself off from everyone she knows and retreats to a ramshackle house in Dorset that holds secrets of its own. Now Connie waits, knowing her tormentor will track her down, that her life and sanity depend on confronting him.

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