Best-selling author Harlan Coben returns with a high-drama slasher thriller, The Woods. Twenty years back, four teenagers ducked out of their summer camp dorm rooms for a night of merrymaking in the forest. Two of them were discovered the following day, their throats slashed. The other two were never found. Fast-forward two decades: Paul Copeland, whose sister Camille was one of the two never found, is now the prosecutor for Essex County, New Jersey. In the final days of a high-profile rape trial, he is hit with a bombshell the other supposed victim has turned up. He is dead, but only recently so, leading Paul to wonder if his sister could also have survived. Before he finds out, he will have to tangle with the elite of his city, the state governor and even the Russian mob. The answers he finds will not be what he (or the reader) expects!

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