Fans of Suzanne Forster will be delighted with her newest novel, The Arrangement. Alison Fairmont Villard tumbled out of her husband's sailboat and was lost at sea for more than three days. Found barely alive, her face nearly destroyed by the rocks that also saved her life, Alison now suffers from transient amnesia. After many surgeries to restore her features, she and her husband live in opposite ends of the house, engaged in uneasy dŽtente while Alison tries to piece together her history, her motives and her feelings. When her mother summons Alison and Alex back to the family home on the shores of the sea, answers begin to work themselves into a picture that's terrifying and confounding. Alex, too, has some dangerous questions to work out. Who is Alison, really? And if this isn't his wife, where is she? Crackling sexual tension, a twisty mystery and some genuinely dastardly villains make this a fast, fun read.

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