Liza Weiler, playwright and temporary temp, has not given much attention to love. It seems like a lot of trouble and you have to give up something of yourself, don't you? In Right Before Your Eyes, by Ellen Shanman, Liza literally tumbles into one man when she nearly breaks her ankle running away from him. He gallantly accompanies her to the ER, where she promptly meets another guy who also seems too good to be true the doctor who fixes her sprain. The doctor is earnest and sweet and way too nice for her, but if she lets him go, she might have to deal with Bachelor #1, George, who somehow keeps showing up at all the wrong times saying exactly the right thing. Meanwhile, her play is being wrecked by a weird director, and there's a reality show being filmed of the play being made, and a wedding by a roommate all the challenges that go along with being young, talented and hungry, and ready to take the next step into full-fledged adulthood. A fast, heartfelt and charming read.

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