Another exotic backdrop, Paris in the 1920s, forms the elegant spine of Anna Davis' The Shoe Queen, which will appeal to readers of historical romance, chick lit and even straight historicals. Wealthy English socialite Genevieve Shelby King has convinced her industrialist American husband to live in Paris, where Genevieve hopes to publish poetry. There she plays with a bohemian crowd, parties in glorious gowns and even more glorious shoes for Genevieve owns hundreds of pairs. When she spies the most beautiful shoes of all on a social rival, she must have some as well. Thus begins a seductive narrative, where the passions of the heart, the body and the soul sometimes collide with dangerous consequences but can often provide the shattering moments that rip apart a cage. A hypnotically luscious and intelligent tale. Barbara Samuel writes women's fiction, romances and many other things, including a blog at

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