Harlan Coben calls his latest, best yet, thriller-diller The Woods. And those woods hold dark, destructive secrets that are revealed bit by menacing bit, as plot within tangled plot begins to play out. Paul Copeland, county prosecutor for Essex, New Jersey, is in the midst of the biggest, headline-making case of his career (rich white frat boys accused of raping a black stripper sound familiar?), when he's asked by two Manhattan cops to identify a body, a body that will take Paul back to the trauma of his adolescence and the woods. Twenty years ago, Paul's sister and three of her teenaged friends went into the woods near their summer camp and never came out; two bodies were found, two never surfaced, all presumed victims of the summer slasher, an admitted serial killer. Paul, security counselor that night, should have stopped them, but he was trysting in those very woods with his girlfriend. Haunted all these years by that shattering night, Paul must figure out what really happened two decades ago, why the devastating event is being exhumed now and who and what is behind it all. Guaranteed to make your spine tingle on the hottest days.

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