Best-selling British author Mark Billingham (Sleepyhead, The Burning Girl) returns with Buried, a chilling police procedural of a kidnapping investigation that goes horribly awry when family members play fast and loose with the truth, ostensibly in order to protect themselves. This circling of the wagons is perhaps understandable, but Detective Inspector Tom Thorne will have none of it. Widely regarded in-house as a loose cannon, Thorne is nonetheless the go-to guy when results are necessary in a hurry he will break any and all of the rules to find out what he needs to know, even if the interviewee is a socialite with friends in high places. Stirring up ghosts has unintended consequences for Thorne's team, though: A new clue reopens a hate-crime investigation that had been put on the back burner for lack of leads. All of a sudden, two investigations run in tandem, centered on an exclusive private school and some of its darker elements. Tautly crafted and suspenseful, with a clever resolution: Buried has it all.

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