Sarah Monette has three books out this year: her first collection of short fiction, The Bone Key; her first collaboration with Elizabeth Bear, A Companion to Wolves; and her third novel, The Mirador, which continues the story begun in her two previous fantasies, MŽlusine and The Virtu. Magician Felix Harrowsmith and his half-brother Mildmay the Fox, a reformed cat burglar, have returned to their home city, the Mirador. The Mirador is the only obstacle keeping their country from being invaded by their neighbors, and it has become a nest of spies. Mildmay's obsession, Mehitobel Parr, introduced in the previous book and now a successful stage actress, finds herself being manipulated into spying for the Bastion a rival power acutely interested in Felix's influence in the city. Felix, however, is an agent of chaos and happily no one can predict what he will do. With its reliance on a few curses rather than the vocabulary-stretching fun Monette had in The Virtu and characters frustratingly unable to communicate with one another, The Mirador moves slowly at times, but for the most part is still compelling reading.

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