Continuing the story that he started nearly 20 years ago in The Player, Tolkin offers another smart, slick look at life in Hollywood, with movie executive Griffin Mill as star. Mill, who committed murder in the previous book and never got caught, is now feeling the weight of middle age and experiencing financial worries. With only $6 million to his name small change in Hollywood he is in need of cash, fast. To make matters worse, his second wife, Lisa, is unhappy; his two children detest him; and he is pining for June, his ex-wife. To solve his cash problem, Mill hatches a plot concerning private schools in Los Angeles, a scheme that forces him to commit a second murder. Mill's plan brings him into contact with a wealthy entertainment broker, who is soon picking his brain for even bigger money-making schemes. Tolkin delivers a crisp, stylish sequel with this fast-paced novel. Fans of The Player, as well as admirers of Robert Altman's acclaimed film adaptation of that book, will welcome this new chapter in the life of Griffin Mill, the kind of murderer who could only exist in Hollywood a man with no conscience, a killer with plenty of class, style and, of course, luck. A reading group guide is available online at

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