Here's the hip and sexy On the Loose, by Tara Janzen, author of the enormously popular Crazy series (Crazy Hot, Crazy Love). Special agent C. Smith Rydell stays alive by playing it cool in the cocaine- and guerrilla-infested jungles of Central America. Enter Honey York, a leggy socialite on a mission to get money for her sister the nun. Four months ago, Smith and Honey shared one passionate night, a night that meant more to each of them than either is willing to admit. Now, Smith is assigned to get Honey into the guerrilla camp, make a drop and get back in 48 hours, without getting killed or falling in love. It's dicey on both counts, which makes for a galloping, one-sitting read.

Barbara Samuel's next novel will be out from Bantam in 2008. Read her opinions on travel and books at

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