Teresa Medeiros charms again in her latest historical, Some Like It Wicked. The first time highland beauty Catriona Kincaid meets Simon Westcott, he comes to the naive teen's defense, dazzling her young heart. Five years pass. Simon has performed a famous act of heroism but is imprisoned for debt and seduction, while Catriona is being offered a distasteful marriage when what she really wants to do is help her endangered brother back in Scotland. What to do when you need a hero, not a husband? Plucky Catriona's plan ends with Simon out of prison and serving as her escort on the way back to her brother and her clan. From there, Medeiros offers an intimate road romance that gives Catriona and Simon time to learn about each other and exactly what makes each of them worth loving. Some Like It Wicked pairs a wry rake and a Scottish miss with a dream . . . and the daring to go after it!

Susan Andersen is known for her delish heroes, and Dev Kavanagh is no exception in Cutting Loose. Dev is helping heroine Jane Kaplinski renovate the mansion she's inherited with two friends. Jane, an assistant curator, is preparing some of the magnificent collections housed in the historic residence for display at her museum. Despite being under deadline and usually all business, Jane can't help but be distracted by the studly Dev, and their close proximity brings out unprecedented passions in buttoned-up Jane. After a childhood as the audience to her parents' overwrought romantic dramas, she isn't looking for fiery, but Dev is willing to risk the flames. But someone else has plans for Jane and Jane's collections, and as she and Dev team up to fight the threat, their priorities shift. Sexy, with fun secondary characters destined for their own stories, this is a great start to a high-action, highly charged new trilogy.

Purists may want to reach for their smelling salts, but there's sexy fun to be had in Gwyn Cready's time-traveling take on Jane Austen's classic tale in Seducing Mr. Darcy. With the famous story as the selection for her next book club meeting, Flip Allison has P&P on the brain. She has a common complaint too: Darcy is hot, the love story is riveting, but where's the, um, physical stuff? A bad day, including an embarrassing meeting with Austen expert Magnus Knightly, sends her to an massage therapist who encourages Flip to immerse herself in her favorite book during the treatment. Flip imagines she has known Darcy for years—including in a physical way—and her "dream" causes changes to the text of the real book. Returning it to the original version requires contact with the sexy and infuriating Knightly, and their efforts to rectify matters create other complications. It's fun, it's fantasy and it's a new way to look at the old story that ends as all stories of this type do (thank goodness): with a happily ever after.

Heroine Carlotta Wren of Stephanie Bond's 3 Men and a Body has trouble: Family trouble, man trouble and even more trouble when she investigates the death of celebutante Kiki Deerling. One of Bond's Body Movers series, the book is part mystery, part romance and part isn't-this-a-darn-good-time. Twenty-eight-year-old Carlotta conflicted about the three men in her life: her wealthy childhood sweetheart, the detective investigating her fugitive father and the former medical examiner who runs a body-moving business. The brother she raised, Wesley, offers his perspective as well, and his 19-year-old voice rings true - and promises true present and future complications for Carlotta. Though Kiki's death is resolved, where the series goes next continues to be an intriguing mystery. Readers who love a combination of suspense and sexy romance will find their thrills in Bond's latest offering.

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