Six months before Senseless opens, Eva Rayburn is released from prison after serving time for killing a man she claims brutally raped her. Three sorority sisters testified against her—and now one of those very women has turned up dead, with star-shaped brands similar to one left on Eva. As more people die, Detective Deacon Garrison follows the clues back to the young woman who he sees was unjustly convicted. She’s naturally wary, though, and cooperation with the attractive cop doesn’t come easy. While Eva tries to move into her future, the old case and current crimes bring her back to former friends and family. The gruesome killings continue and Eva must work beside Deacon to stop them even as their feelings for each other grow. This is a story to read with the lights on.


Travel to medieval Scotland in Allie Mackay’s Must Love Kilts. Heroine Margo Menlove, a dedicated Scotophile, wins a dream vacation to the land she longs for. But the bus tour only allows glimpses of the splendor of the Highlands. Not once has she seen anything close to the magnificence of the legendary warrior Magnus MacBride, Viking Slayer, a figure who seems to have invaded her heart and soul. Then, on a solitary walk, a vengeful witch tells Margo that she and Magnus have been cursed to desire each other but to exist on different planes and never touch. Before Margo can fully fathom that, however, she unwittingly thwarts the spell—and she and Magnus are together in beautiful and dangerous medieval times with Vikings breathing down their necks and a fated love to contend with as well. Magnus, who has been living on pure revenge for years, at first distrusts Margo as a sea witch. Can he soften under his feelings for her? Will Margo settle into a medieval life and trust this new world won’t be snatched away? Both questions require the courageous couple to battle violent enemies and their own unsettling emotions. Mackay’s lusty romance is an action-packed trip through time.

Carolyn Jewel returns to a fascinating world of magic and mayhem in My Immortal Assassin. Set in contemporary San Francisco, it tells of the continuing struggles between the Kin—a subspecies of demons—and the magekind, humans who possess magic. Durian, a demon known as a powerful assassin, comes across the human Grayson Spencer as she attempts to kill a malevolent mage who destroyed her life. In an effort to bring peace between the warring factions, Durian has sworn to protect all mages and so takes the vengeful woman under his wing in order to keep her bloodthirst in check. She has unusual abilities that he can help her learn to control, he tells her. Gray agrees to his tutelage, hoping that she’ll master her new talents and then make good on her goal of revenge. As they work together, passion blossoms, but it’s a thorny relationship because of their opposite intentions. Surrounded by danger, can a killer demon and a woman with strange magic surrender to love? Dark, edgy and laced with thrilling desire, My Immortal Assassin will set readers’ hearts racing. 

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