While Karen Robards’ latest romantic suspense novel is titled Sleepwalker, the word belies the story’s fast action. Heroine Micayla “Mick” Lange occasionally suffers from scary night escapades since a childhood tragedy, but by day she’s a kick-ass member of the Detroit police force. She goes into total cop mode when she surprises a man breaking into the mansion of a beloved family friend, Uncle Nicco. While attempting to apprehend the burglar, though, she discovers evidence of yet another crime—murders executed by that self-same family friend. Before she has time to process this news, she finds herself on the run with the robber to elude Nicco’s deadly security team. A game of cat and mouse in the Michigan snow means Mick and her unwelcome cohort must learn to lean on each other—and that closeness leads to an explosive attraction. Nonstop thrills and chills will keep readers turning pages and rooting for these likable characters.

Virgin River is as magical as ever in Robyn Carr’s latest installment of her series, Hidden Summit, which gives glimpses of town life that will satisfy fans but not overwhelm newcomers to the books. After a confidence-busting divorce, Leslie Petruso relocates to Virgin River to reclaim her life. She begins working for an old friend’s construction firm and is shoring up her self-esteem when an attractive man joins the business. Conner Danson has a disappointing romantic past of his own, and finding love in Virgin River is not on his agenda. At first, both he and Leslie are determined to enjoy their mutual attraction, but not take it too seriously. Of course, emotions aren’t so easy to control, and soon the two are tentatively talking about the future. But Conner is keeping secrets that put their relationship at risk, and he doesn’t know when to confess to Leslie (or if he should at all). Carr is a master storyteller, and her tale of two wounded people reaching for a second chance at love will touch readers’ hearts.

Rousing adventure and great fun await readers of The Pleasure of Your Kiss by Teresa Medeiros. Ashton Burke owes his life to his brother Max—who then asks for payment in kind: to save Max’s fiancée, who was kidnapped and sold to a powerful sultan. Swashbuckling Ashton can’t resist, especially when said woman in need of rescue—Clarinda Cardew—is his own first love from long ago. Fortune favors bold Ash and he finds himself a welcome guest in the sultan’s palace, though there’s still the difficulty of freeing Clarinda, now set to become one of the harem wives. Political intrigue and undeniable passions create the perfect diversion for Ash and Clarinda’s getaway . . . but there’s no escaping the feelings they have for each other. Their past isn’t easy to resolve, especially because they both care for Max. Poignant glimpses into their history add another layer that warms the heart.

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