Set on the fictional Dare Island, Carolina Home by Virginia Kantra is a thoroughly wonderful read. Family comes first for fishing boat captain and single father Matt Fletcher, but his son’s teacher—newcomer Allison Carter—causes him to steer off course. After a bad marriage, Matt is wary of commitment, but the beautiful blonde is making him reconsider his stance. Can he find room for romance between taking care of his business, his teenage son and the unexpected appearance of a young niece? While Allison is drawn to Matt and his family, she is aware of his reputation and tells herself she’ll accept what they have without insisting on more. But as their feelings for each other grow, she knows she wants to be an integral part of his life. Will Matt open his heart and let her in? Readers will root for the pair’s happy ending and look forward to the next visit to Dare Island.

Action, villains and heroic men and women pack Christine Feehan’s Samurai Game. The GhostWalkers are impeccably trained and genetically enhanced soldiers, committed to protecting themselves and their children from the evil man who made them: Dr. Peter Whitney. Determined to put a stop to him herself, Azami Yoshiie visits the GhostWalker compound. Ostensibly on business, she wants to discover the whereabouts of Dr. Whitney, who experimented on her as a child and then abandoned her, broken and bruised. Now with samurai skills, she’s eager to take on the doctor. Azami is thrown into a fight for her life with Sam Johnson—one of the GhostWalkers—at her side. Not only is Sam at her side, but he’s in her mind; they share a telepathic connection and the unshakeable sense that they belong together. But Azami and Sam must fight inner and outer battles before being able to commit fully to their love. This is a thrilling ride with a heroine whose strength will capture readers’ hearts.

A sophisticated widow and a younger man with a dangerous secret clash in Thief of Shadows, part of Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series. Winter Makepeace runs an orphanage in a crime-infested neighborhood of London called St. Giles. Lady Isabel Beckinhall is a new benefactor of the orphanage, and her acquaintance with Winter reveals that he is a man of hidden depths . . . and perhaps a clandestine double life. There is an avenger at work in the neighborhood—the infamous Ghost of St. Giles—and Isabel begins to wonder if she might know the person behind the mask. For his part, Winter tries to distance himself from the sensual lady. Not only is he beneath her socially, he’s determined to remain celibate to devote his energies elsewhere. But Isabel proves impossible to resist, even as she discovers his secret—one that threatens their safety. Scorching love scenes, a hero and heroine with deep wells of emotion and a delightful twist at the end make this a memorable, remarkable romance.
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