Susan Andersen delivers a story filled with new friendships, family ties and sexy fun in Some Like It Hot. Heroine Harper Summerville is busy with her temporary job as summer activities coordinator at The Brothers Inn in Razor Bay, Washington, but she still finds time to drool over the gorgeous yet reserved deputy sheriff, Max Bradshaw. Though Harper knows she’ll be moving on at summer’s end—she’s a rolling stone, just like her father—she decides to bring Max out of his shell. Former Marine Max has never been a social animal, but beautiful and exotic Harper is bringing out another kind of animal in him. While he knows she’s only around for the short term, he can’t help but dream of a white-picket-fence future with Harper. As Harper finds friends in town and Max opens up to new relationships, love binds these two together. But can two opposites find their way to a forever? Hot summer days and likable characters with combustible chemistry guarantee a lively, fiery read.

Scandals and lies bring two hearts together in Grace Burrowes’ emotional and playful historical romance, Once Upon a Tartan. To escape Victorian London, where gossips whisper about her broken engagement, Hester Daniels visits her Scottish relatives. After Hester takes over the care of her step-niece, Fiona, for the summer, the sojourn is livened by the unexpected visit of Tiberius Flynn, Earl of Spathfoy and the brother of Fiona’s late father. Tye claims he’s there to get to know his niece, but as he comes to love the little girl, he also can’t fight his attraction for the desirable woman caring for her. Hester is tempted, too. Though she feels ashamed of how and why she ended her betrothal, she begins to think that she can trust Tye with her heart and body. But when she learns his true intention, the betrayal cuts deep, causing Hester to once again question her romantic judgment. Torn by duty to his family and the tender feelings he has for Hester and Fiona, Tye’s happy ending appears out of reach. Layered characters, scorching love scenes and a compelling storyline make this read a winner.

A missing persons expert and a top-notch security consultant reignite their teenage romance in Jami Alden’s Guilty as Sin. Fourteen years ago, Kate Beckett’s brother was kidnapped and murdered while she was making out with Tommy Ibarra instead of watching over her sibling. Plagued by grief and guilt and estranged from her family, Kate works to find others in trouble. Her latest case takes her back to her hometown, where she runs into Tommy. Though their youthful attraction once again revs to life, Tommy can’t forget how her powerful father messed with his life as retaliation for his relationship with Kate. Still, there’s a young girl to be found, and as Tommy and Kate work together, they discover clues that lead them to take a second look at her brother’s murder. The perpetrator committed suicide years ago . . . or do they have that all wrong? Kate and Tommy must relearn trust and let go of their guilt in order to find the answers and find happiness together. A shivery, sensual and sensational read.

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