Longtime friends find themselves becoming more in Nora Roberts’ Shadow Spell, the second in her Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy. Falconer Connor O’Dwyer is confident, as both a man and a witch. Along with his sister and cousin—also witches—he’s on a mission to vanquish an old evil. But when he begins to see his sister’s best friend in a new light, Connor’s laid-back approach to life changes. Since his heart has found love, he realizes there is much more to endanger it now. Meara Quinn has known Connor (and about his special powers) her entire life. She’s already signed on to help—as much as a normal human can—battle the dangerous enemy Cabhan. But after Connor is badly hurt one night, she finds herself no longer able to ignore the wild desire he ignites in her, despite her doubts about lasting love. As Meara and Connor explore their new relationship, they must also strategize with others to fight the wicked force out to destroy them. Spooky, sexy and thoroughly satisfying for fans of paranormal romance.

Treasure and passion collide in Elizabeth Lowell’s Night Diver. After 10 years away, Kate Donnelly returns to the Caribbean to try to save her family’s salvage diving business. Under contract with the British government to recover artifacts from a foundered pirate ship, her brother and grandfather need her help dealing with their new overseer—Holden Cameron, a former Royal Navy diver. Kate knows the project isn’t discovering enough valuables to keep it funded, but she doesn’t like the suspicious manner of the handsome Brit. Holden sees red flags and is determined to uncover what’s really going on. Is the dive’s lack of success due to incompetence or thievery? Neither would endear him to the lovely Kate, so he tries to keep away, but tropical nights and a heady attraction win out. Holden and Kate are ready to commit to a future—if they can survive the dangers lurking in and out of the sea. Filled with authentic details, this is an adrenaline-rush of a romance.

Two characters on the threshold of matrimony discover unexpected love in Three Weeks with Lady X by Eloisa James. Thorn Dautry, wealthy bastard son of the powerful Duke of Villiers, is ready for marriage, and he’s picked out the most biddable girl on the market. Her parents, however, aren’t so sure about the match, and so he decides to convince them during a party at his newly purchased estate. Problem: The home and grounds need a makeover. Enter Lady Xenobia, aka India. The once-impoverished daughter of a marquess, she’s well known for finishing and staffing houses for aristocratic clients. This is to be her swan song, as she’s also interested in marriage. While Thorn initially jokes that India is his “temporary wife,” they find a passion that feels anything but fleeting. Their tempers clash, though, and both are certain they want an easier type of spouse. Issues of class and abandonment add to their conflict, but love has a way of working out—or does it? With engaging secondary characters and powerful chemistry between the leads, this is another witty charmer from James.

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