Summer is a state of mind that lingers in these light romantic tales told by three popular romance authors in That Summer Place. Overworked, weary businesswoman Catherine Winslow returns to Rainshadow Lodge in Puget Sound in Old Things by Jill Barnett. There she confronts Michael Packard, her first summer romance, but this time, romance is crowded by Catherine's two daughters, Aly and Dana daughters who should have been Michael's. An abrupt parting years earlier and their seemingly disparate current lives pose challenges to their old feelings which resurface. And they find that over the years, each has carried old things like an heirloom treasure of the heart.

Kids could be the downfall of Private Paradise by Debbie Macomber. Beth Graham and her son Paul find unexpected housemates when her best friend cancels out of sharing Rainshadow Lodge. Instead, John Livingstone and his daughter Nikki become their reluctant roommates. When strangers share close quarters, getting acquainted and getting along can be both a pain and a pleasure. Add in some self-serving matchmaking by two teenagers who decide they're ready to make a family and Private Paradise will keep you as warm as toasty marshmallows on a crisp autumn night.

Mitchell Rutherford organizes his life down to the microsecond, and the last thing he needs is a woman like Dr. Rosalinda Galvez who operates on Island Time. Mitch has big plans for developing the island site of rustic Rainshadow Lodge and wants Rosie's scientific expertise to tell him there won't be a negative environmental impact from his proposed development. But free-spirited Rosie is ready to teach him that there are more important things in life than a workaholic lifestyle. Her true impact on staid Mitch is life-altering.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and Nevis, Minnesota. She is online at

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