Love in the time of war Charlotte Gray, a steady, outwardly serene, young Scottish woman, comes to London to do what she can for the war effort. And, as it turns out, she can do a great deal more than she had suspected. Charlotte Gray (6 hours) is also the title of Sebastian Faulks's first novel since Birdsong. Set in WWII London, with its blackouts and frenetic parties, and then in the bleakness of Free France as it is being overrun by the Nazis, Charlotte's story is told with a restrained intensity and passion that is well reflected in Samuel West's reading. There is adventure and intrigue, there is her enduring love for an RAF pilot, there are the horrors and anguish of war; all these things change and challenge Charlotte and allow her, ultimately, to understand herself. Quietly powerful, Charlotte Gray, both as the novel and character, will stay with you long after you've finished listening.

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