Bosch is back Racial tensions have boiled over and then some in Angels Flight (6 hours), Michael Connelly's newest, polished police procedural starring Detective Harry Bosch of the LAPD and read by Burt Reynolds, who gives a bravura performance. Bosch cool, controlled, but keenly concerned with right and wrong has been put in charge of a high-profile, high-risk investigation that makes him more than uneasy. A super-visible black lawyer who has built his career by suing the LAPD for brutality and racism has been murdered; the Deputy Police Chief, an adept user of the spin-cycle for political ends, wants a perp picked up ASAP; his performance is being scrutinized by a non-departmental Inspector; an Internal Affairs snitch is lurking; and, to top that off, Bosch's former partner a man he trusts is implicated big-time.

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