The root and route of all evil Found Money (3 hours), James Grippando's latest gripper, is the kind of cut to the chase thriller that adjusts well to abridgment. The pounding chase is on from the moment Amy, a stressed, struggling, single mom in Boulder, Colorado, opens a plain package containing $200,000. Honest to a fault, Amy is determined to find out if the much-needed gift is untainted and truly meant for her. In another part of the state, Ryan Duffy's dying father reveals that there's a stash of somewhat tainted money in their attic. Ryan, expecting little, finds a substantial cache of cash and finds himself drawn into a perplexing past where nothing is as it seems and everything seems to lead to big trouble. Are Amy's and Ryan's windfalls intertwined? You bet, but getting there is more than half the fraught-filled fun. Mark Blum narrates this convincing cautionary tale.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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