High voltage thriller . . . I'm not sure how I missed Toyer (13 hours), Gardner McKay's hypnotically gripping thriller, when it first came out. Well, better late than never, so if you share my endless curiosity about psychopaths and serial killers, take the time now and tune in to this unabridged presentation. Toyer, the eponymous anti-hero, is more oddball, more intriguing, more perverse than most of his beastly brethren. Toyer doesn't kill; rather, he turns his victims all young, smart, and pretty into senseless, sensationless shells who can do nothing more than breathe. Why? That he doesn't reveal, but he sure likes publicity, likes becoming a media magnate, a weirdo celebrity of sorts. Dr. Maude Garance, who cares for the women he has so monstrously maimed, doesn't like Toyer, would love to have the chance to kill him, and though she's gambling with her life, she's willing to play his game winner take all.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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