Who ever said small towns were uneventful? asks Caroline, the heroine of Nora Roberts's new novel Carnal Innocence. The beautiful, young, world-famous violinist has come to her late grandmother's home in the tiny town of Innocence, Mississippi to find peace and quiet, but what she finds are some big problems. Two women have been murdered and mutilated, and just as Caroline is settling in she happens on the third body. And Tucker Longstreet, the handsome, roguishly flirtatious scion of the town's first family, who has taken an immediate shine to her, doesn't make her feel any more at ease. Anyone familiar with Nora Roberts's best-selling brand of romantic suspense will know that they're in for riveting plot twists, smoldering scenes, and enduring love found where it's not expected.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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