Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate Oval Office scandals and cover-ups didn't begin in the Nixon White House; but never before did they capture the attention of the American people and the American press as they did during and after Watergate. Bob Woodward was a leader in the reportorial expose of Watergate and, with five bestsellers and a reputation for getting behind-the-scenes Washington info that no one else can get, he's still at the top of his investigative game. Insiders talk to Woodward and his books make news. Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate (6 hours), the latest in the Woodward legacy, analyzes the effect that Watergate has had on the presidency during the last 25 years, from Ford to Clinton. He concentrates on Clinton, but I found the details of decision making and scandal control in the previous administrations equally fascinating. Within the larger context is a revelatory summation of the conduct of a long line of independent counsels. With an election year in the offing, this is a book you need to hear. Read by James Naughton, with an intro by the author.

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