In Montana by Debbie Macomber single mom Molly Cogan struggles to make a life for her two sons after her ex-husband goes to prison. But her sons' delinquency and her financial struggles in San Francisco are overwhelming. So when Sam Dakota prods her to return to her ailing grandfather's Montana ranch, she grasps at the lifeline to start anew. But Sam's murky past and the loss of her grandfather leave her worrying if she can keep this heritage for her children. Add in danger torn from today's headlines a survivalist group determined to make the ranch theirs. A campaign of vandalism coupled with the discovery that Sam himself is an ex-con challenge Molly to rise above the mistrust learned in her past in order to build a new life and family on the rugged Montana range. Macomber's characters always bring a warmth of spirit and hope that leaves a soft glow like an aurora across the big Montana sky. Reviewed by Sandy Huseby.

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