In The Abduction by James Gripando, Allison Leahy, U.S. Attorney General, is running for President, and her opponent is Lincoln Howe, retired four-star general and the first African-American to run for this exalted office (that's where the resemblance with Colin Powell ends). It's a close and nasty race (what else is new?), when suddenly the focus changes General Howe's granddaughter is kidnapped and held for ransom. Allison, in her role as attorney general, is in the forefront of the search and what's more, years ago her own adopted baby girl was kidnapped and never returned. As the election draws near, each side accuses the other of manipulating the tragedy to their own advantage. Recriminations fly, but nobody can come up with a scenario that makes any sense, until . . . Allison Janney's reading is well paced and tension laced.

Reviewed by Sukey Howard.

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